CRITERION 7 - Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities

Sr No. Metric Number Metric Title AQAR Document Link
1 7.1.1 Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity
Annual gender sensitization action plan 7.1.1_1 PDF
Specific facilities provided for women 7.1.1_2 PDF
2 7.1.2 Institutional facilities for alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
Geotagged Photographs 7.1.2_1 PDF
Any Other Relevant information 7.1.2_2 PDF
3 7.1.3 Relevant documents like agreements/MOUs with Government and other approved agencies 7.1.3_1 PDF
Geotagged photographs of facilities 7.1.3_2 PDF
4 7.1.4 Ge otagged photographs/videos of the facilities 7.1.4_1 PDF
Link for any other relevant information 7.1.4_2 PDF
5 7.1.5 Ge otagged photographs/videos of the facilities 7.1.5_1 PDF
Various policy documents/decisions circulated for implementation 7.1.5_2 PDF
Link for any other relevant documents 7.1.5_3 PDF
6 7.1.6 Reports on environment and energy audit submitted by the auditing agency 7.1.6_1 PDF
Certification by the auditing agency 7.1.6_2 PDF
Certificates of the awards received 7.1.6_3 PDF
Link for any other relevant information 7.1.6_4 PDF
7 7.1.7 Geo tagged Photographs of the facilities 7.1.7_1 PDF
Policy documents and information brochures on support 7.1.7_2 PDF
Details of software procured for providing the assistance 7.1.7_3 PDF
Link fo r any other relevant information 7.1.7_4 PDF
8 7.1.8 Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
Link for Supporting documents on the information provided (as reflected in the administrative and academic activities of the Institution) 7.1.8_1 PDF
Link for a ny other relevant information 7.1.8_2 PDF
Human Values and Professional Ethics
9 7.1.9 Link for details of activities that inculcate values necessary to render students it to responsible citizens 7.1.9_1 PDF
Link for any other relevant information 7.1.9_2 PDF
10 7.1.10 Institutional code of conduct for students, teachers, administrators and other staff
Code of ethics policy document 7.1.10_1 PDF
Details of the monitoring committee composition and minutes of the committee meeting, number of programs organized, reports on the various programs etc., in support of the claims 7.1.10_2 PDF
Any other relevant information 7.1.10_3 PDF
11 7.1.11 National and international commemorative days, events and festivals
Link for Annual reports of the celebrations and commemorative events 7.1.11_1 PDF
Link for Geo tagged photographs of some of the events 7.1.11_2 PDF
Link for any other relevant information 7.1.11_3 PDF
12 7.2 Best Practices
Link for best practices in the institutional website 7.2_1 PDF
Any other relevant information 7.2_2 PDF
13 7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness
Performance of the Institution in area distinctive to its priority and thrust 7.3_1 PDF
Relevant Information 7.3_2 PDF